The Aurora-Highline: A Life Beyond Fear (TheVibe)

Posted by Navin D on

Picture this, an athlete walking on a one-inch-wide slack-line, suspended between 2 mountain cliffs, smack in the middle of the winter avalanche season, at night, in freezing temperatures, illuminated only by the rare natural phenomena of the Northern Lights.

While daydreaming over when the country-wide lockdown will be lifted so that I can finally head out and get on a Highline in Lonavala again, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the creators of the film, about Aurora Hunting, braving snowstorms and the things that inspire them to live a life beyond fear.

Watch the short film below and then discover some behind the scene stories on


Click on the link below for the full interview between Navin and the creators of the film:
(READ) "The Aurora-Highline: A Life Beyond Fear" story on


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