Hi there, my name is Navin and welcome to my passion project, Slack Mitra, an initiative focused on making slackline equipment and safety practises more accessible to the Indian slackline community. 

© Pushkaraj Deshmukh

The sport is not the destination, it is merely a vehicle that allows us to take the time out to express ourselves through movement, to explore the outdoors and the depths of our own minds. Slacklining is a tool available to all of us, to truly discover our mental potential. 

Or... it's just a fun park activity to do with friends and the varied people it attracts. Either way, there's something for everyone. 

© Navin Devnani

Slack Mitra was founded in Pune, India in 2019 and is an industry partner to the Slackline India Association (a member of the International Slackline Association) and an official reseller of quality tested gear from Slackhouse Shop  based in Poland.

Join the community on Instagram or send in a mail to slackmitra@gmail.com.