Slackhouse Buddha | 30mm Slackline Kit for Beginners (25 metres)

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Whether you are a beginner looking for the first line or an advanced rider planning bouncy sessions at the park, the Buddha 25 metre slackline kit contains everything you need for great slackline fun.

Main element of the set is Buddha Line – 30 mm width polyester webbing. Soft and stable on short distances but surprisingly bouncy at greater lengths – calm and steady for first steps yet as entry-level trickline. 

Solid ratchet with rubber coated handle provides ergonomy and easy tensioning without pain in your hands. Equipped with special step-release mechanism increasing comfort and safety while detensioning also reducing risk of line damage. Special plastic spacers reduces ratchet width from 50 mm to 30 mm for even webbing alignment. PDF with instructions also available.

The kit weighs 4.5 kg in total.

Buddha 25 metre set consists of:

  • 25 m Buddha Line webbing
  • Ergonomic ratchet with 2 m anchor loop
  • 4 meter long safety cord for ratchet backup


•Using tree-protection is an absolute must while wrapping your slings around trees or concrete columns, to increase the life of your gear and to avoid wounding the tree. Sold separately here.
•Do not rig the line higher than 1 metre.
•Do not over-tension the webbing.
•Regularly inspect webbing for damage. If in doubt about its condition send us a message with a photo and description.


•The user is solely responsible for any damage or injury that may occur from use of this product.
•Colours may vary from images shown.
•None of the gear provided in the kit should be used for highlining or climbing.

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