The Best Slackline Channel on Youtube?

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The Trickline Collective was initiated by Justin Wagers in 2018 and started as a slackline performance group that traveled around putting on Highline and Trickline shows. The group has gone on to bigger film projects since then, focusing on telling some of the stories in slacklining.

"I guess you could say we do everything related to slackline entertainment" says Justin, "there are many people that are a part of the “collective” including everyone who’s ever done a show with us and every athlete who’s been in a film. We are constantly redefining who we are and what we do as the sport evolves!" 

Fun Fact: The Trickline Collective gang were invited to India in 2019 for a trickline performance at a wedding (I couldn't believe it either) and had a chance to trickline around Delhi after their gig-

Let's get down to business, here are my TOP 4 and must watch short films from the Trickline Collective's treasure trove-


My personal favourite slackline documentary on YouTube. "The world's first all-encompassing slackline film is here. Action-packed with the best athletes from every discipline of slacklining, Lines Without Limits tells the story of what it means to be a slackliner."

TENSION (12 mins)

"Tension" gives us an insight into Justin's journey from trickliner to freestyle-highliner. "With ample experience doing tricks near the ground, he sets his sights on a new goal: a highline trick that's never been landed before."

FOUR FORMS: Which Type of Slacklining is Best? (9 mins)

"Four masters of their respective slackline craft face off to decide which style is the best."


One of the most awaited slackline releases of the year...
"Slacklining comes in many different forms, despite the differences between these disciplines, slackliners all share a single passion and can always find ways to connect through that passion. It's the lines that bring us together, but the people that keep us around."

Now go ahead and share these films with your slack mitras! Don't Forget to follow the Trickline Collective on Instagram and hit the subscribe button on their Youtube Channel


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