Blue Bounce | 1" Slackline Kit (15 metres)

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The 1" Blue Bounce Slackline Kit is an affordable kit best suited for intermediate and advanced slackliners looking for a short yet challenging travel slackline or rodeo kit. The kit comes with all the equipment needed to set up a line using the "Primitive Style" tensioning system. This ready-to-go kit weighs below 2 kilograms.

The Slackline Kit Includes
1x 15m Blue Bounce - Stretchy Nylon Webbing (Breaking Strength of 20 kN)
2x Line Lock Rings (Steel *with visible welding and grinding marks)
2x Flat Slings (2 metres with WLL of 1 Ton)
3x Carabiners (20kN MBS)


•Using tree-protection is an absolute must while wrapping your slings around trees or concrete columns, to increase the life of your gear and to avoid wounding the tree. Sold separately here.
•For your safety, do not rig the line higher than 1 metre.
•Tension the webbing to the max using the Primitive technique and the full pulling strength of one adult only. Do not over-tension.
•Regularly inspect webbing for damage. If in doubt about its condition send us a message with a photo and description.
•Do not close the carabiner screw-sleeve or you will risk jamming the gate under tension and will not be able to open it.


None of the gear provided in this kit is suitable for highlining or climbing use.


•The user is solely responsible for any damage or injury that may occur from use of this product.
•Exact colours and finishing of the hardware may vary from images shown.

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How To Set Up a Slackline Using 3 Carabiners & 2 Rings - Primitive Style?
Click here for the instructional video.

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