Cito SH | Webbing Gripper

Petram Europe

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Cito is the smallest and lightest device in the world for gripping one-inch slackline webbing. Designed to work with tensioning and loosening systems, especially buckingham-like methods.

The most important advantage of Cito is its super lightweight construction of just 50 g and size, which can be compared to a matchbox. This makes Cito a perfect personal tool that is always at hand. It is especially appreciated by riggers who need this type of device with them throughout the day.

The operating principle is based on a simple and effective self-tightening mechanism. Thanks to its simplicity, installation is extremely easy, and with a little practice possible even with one hand. An additional string makes it easier to detach the device and improves its handling in difficult conditions.

Cito works with webbing up to 27 mm wide. The special guides improve its alignment during tensioning.

The Vibram rubber ensures a solid grip without the risk of damaging the line or leaving any marks on it.

The main loop made of spliced Dyneema rope is extremely durable and can be used with huge variety of connectors.


Weight: 70 gms
Cord: 4mm Dyneema
WLL: 4kN
MBS: 12kN


•Ensure that you and the device are safely clipped-in, before adding tension to the highline.
•Regularly inspect the rope, rubber pads and webbing for wear and damage.


The user is solely responsible for any damage or injury that may occur from use of this product.