Line Mitra | Mini Webbing Gripper

Slack Mitra

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The SLACK MITRA - Line Mitra device is a lightweight webbing gripper Made In India. It is easy to use and ideal for adding tension to park-lines and high-lines.


Model: Line Mitra version 1.5
Product Type: 1" Slackline Webbing Gripper
Weight: 175 gms
Cord: 5mm UHMWPE Rope
WLL: 4kN


•Ensure that you and the device are safely clipped-in, before adding tension to the highline.
•Regularly inspect the rope, rubber pads and webbing for wear and damage.
•Ensure the product is facing the correct direction and that the girth-hitch is tightening when pulled in the direction of the web-lock.


The user is solely responsible for any damage or injury that may occur from use of this product.